Yum... wow, we are loving our little sampler. Everything is just delicious.
— Nancy
Everything has been good so far. I just had a slice of slightly warmed pumpkin bread - ummmmm! Very good! Overall, what I like the most is that the sweets are not too sweet, and the savory breads are substantial, not the fluffy “wonder bread” stuff.
— Diane
I love your vegan raspberry hazelnut bars! They are my favorite treat
— Jenny
Really liked the sunshine bread! Yummy warmed up with butter. Thanks
— Diana
We picked our first sample bakery share this week and it was delicious! Potato rosemary garlic bread, honey apple almond bread, almond shortbread cookies and coconut bars. Wow, it’s all amazing! Can’t wait to see what’s next. Such a great program and I love that it supports the local community. Thanks.
— Gina
Hi Jen, Awesome baked goods!! thanks (my favorite: ginger cookies and David’s the Hiker bars ((looking forward to next weeks’ as well))
— Sally
We are so happy to find your gluten-free bread in the Co-Op Olympia. We live in south of Yelm but it is worth the trip to buy your products at the Co-Op. The zuchini loaf, and three other breads we have tried are simply the best GF we have found. Thanks
— Valerie
WOW, I love your bakery. I have bought several items at local fairs. The almond fig bread was so good, and all the delicious bars. Can’t wait to try the chocolate hazelnut pie and sourdough bread. I’m so happy you are here!
— Carol
I purchased a share on Living Social and the family and I have really enjoyed our treats and breads. We’re looking at purchasing another share to keep the goodies coming. I have to admit the Potato Rosemary Garlic Bread last week was the bomb. My daughter really enjoyed the Macaroons that came in our share yesterday too. Thanks a ton 8 Arms Community Bakery for bringing your fresh baked goodness into our home.
— Jason
If anybody in the South Sound region is thinking about going gluten-free, I can highly recommend 8 Arms Community Bakery. You’ll want to get on their bakery share program. Their stuff is super awesomely good, the best I’ve had.
— Matthew
Today I enjoyed your macaroons for the first time. What a delight for me, since I have such limitations on what I can eat! I am unable to enjoy without consequences items made with baking powder, baking soda, yeast, or flour. I can occasionally tolerate rice flour, but save that to rotate in when I want a creamy tomato soup. I still occasionally will eat gluten free bread, but have a hard time finding gluten free rolls. I notice that you make them, and I will definitely be calling you to order some when I am feeling deprived enough to risk a little discomfort.
By the way, I purchased the macaroons at Zoe Juice Bar. It was also my first time there! THANK YOU FOR WHAT YOU DO!! Providing quality gluten free and even a FLOUR free item for wimps like me means that for me your time and efforts are a treasure, and I hope you get told that every day!
— Kathy
I saw your interview on Peak Moment TV, and was completely inspired. I think that the CSA style bakery is a great idea.
— Susie
I just had a chocolate nut bar from your bakery. Best I have ever had! Thank you
— Julie
Love your local business!!
— Rob
I purchase your bars at the co-op’s in olympia they are great..thanks
— Dana
Found your bread at Shelton farmers market and am totally impressed!!!!!
— Dani
Every week we are so excited to get our share… and every week we LOVE our baked goods. Thanks 8 Arms!!
— Stacy
Love your creative talents guys
— Lori
I love your chocolate/peanut butter bar. really tasty and I didn’t have to eat it all at once. It was satisfying.
— Kitty
Tried the gluten free caramel bar at the Tumwater Farmers Market. Super delicious!!!
— Julie
Just had my first item from you…gf/vegan cranberry orange cookie!!! It will not be my last! Yummmmmm
— Val
Just tried your gluten free bread. Best gf bread that I have tasted and I love that it is local and socially responsible. Great work!
— Logan
Your sourdough bread is one of the most deliciously perfect things that I have ever tasted.
— Amy